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Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize


The Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize in Gender and Politics is awarded biennially for an outstanding PhD dissertation in the field of gender and politics, including gender and/or sexuality studies perspectives in political science, international relations, political philosophy, public policy and public administration. The prize is awarded by the ECPR and the ECPR's Standing Group on Gender and Politics and endowed with €1,000.

The 2023 Joni Lovenduski Prize nomination phase is now closed. Thank you to all those who nominated. The next prize will run in 2025.

ECPR Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize in Gender and PoliticsJoni Lovenduski

Joni has been a visiting scholar at universities across Europe and the United States. She has won the Isaiah Berlin Prize of the UK PSA, and is a Fellow of the British Academy. A former vice chair of the ECPR’s Executive Committee, Joni Lovenduski has provided advice on enhancing the role of women in decision-making to the European Commission and the Council of Europe, and founded what is now the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics.  In 2009, she was the co-recipient, with Joyce Outshoorn, of that Group's Career Achivement Award. Her research has also reached beyond the academy, influencing the recruitment strategies of political parties and highlighting the role of, and challenges facing, women in politics.

Joni has become one of the leading figureheads of gender and politics study in Europe and is a source of inspiration, advice and support to many younger female scholars.